What they should do if their loved one dies

  1.    To obtain the death and burial certificates.
  2.    To measure the size of the deceased and to arrange for the coffin from funeral directors.
  3.    When the coffin is received, do the ritual wash of the body (add some oil perfume to the water before washing). The washing to be repeated three times, the first one with soap.
  4.    Apply oil perfume to the body, especially the areas of wadu.
  5.    Wrap the body with new white cloth (three pieces for men, and five for women).
  6.   Contact the cemetery department and ask for the grave to be made ready at the Muslim cemetery in your area or in Exeter (contact no. in Exeter is :- 01392 265399, ask for cemetery department).
  7.   Contact your local mosque and arrange for Janazah prayer (or Exeter Mosque at 01392 250597 if burial is in Exeter).
  8.   Burial after Janazah prayer.

For further information, please contact Exeter Mosque.
Places of Interest

Exeter Library

Source for useful information and Internet access (membership required, can be done while you wait).

Castle Street, Exeter, Devon, EX4 3PQ

Telephone: 01392 384206

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Exeter University

A popular place of learning that has been frequented by many Muslim students, especially for the Middle East. It has world renowned Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies housed in remarkable modern building designed on the theme of a Syrian souk and funded by the Sultan of Sharjah

The Queen`s Drive, Exeter, Devon, EX4 4QJ

Telephone: 01392 661000

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Exeter University Prayer Room

A separate (men & women) prayer facility is available for students, staff and visitors at the university with ablution (wudu) provision.

Old Library, Prince of Wales Road, Exeter, Devon, EX4 4SB

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