We take pleasure in welcoming worshippers and visitors to Exeter Mosque & Cultural Centre . In order to maintain  peace and tranquillity due to such a religious place, we would like to draw your attention to the following Rules of Conduct which must be followed while on the premises:
– All visitors are required to be properly and decently dressed

For maintaining a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere avoid noisy discussions and quarrels

– Parents who bring their children are required to keep control of their children in general and to prevent them from interrupting the prayers or sermons or any other functions.

– No political or sectarian activities are allowed. No distribution of any leaflets, literature, canvassing, or organising marches , demonstration or any promotion or propaganda are allowed.

meetings, classes, lectures, conferences and any other gatherings  will only take place in they are part of the Exeter Mosque & Cultural Centre activities or programmes or if they have been sanctioned in writing by the Board of Trustees

Unauthorized collection of money is not allowed.

Unauthorized trading is not allowed

Begging is not allowed

No pets are allowed on the premises

No smoking is allowed on the premises

Cars must be parked only in the allocated area. All entrances and exists must be kept free from any obstacles. Any interference with the staff and work routines will not be tolerated

For any suggestions or complaints, please write to the Board of Trustees with your name, address and contact details.

– if the rules of conduct are not adhered to, the Managements will exercise its right to deny access  or entry to any person or persons not abiding by them. Furthermore the Managements reserves the right to take whatever additional action is necessary in order to maintain and uphold the religious and cultural dignity  of these premises.

-No person or organisation shall have any entitlement or expectation  to the use (temporary or casual) of “Mosque premises ” .For the avoidance of doubt “Mosque premises” include the Mosque Car Park.

-The use of Mosque Premises for a temporary or casual event/s shall be at the entire discretion of the Board of Trustees  and in exercising its discretion the Board of Trustees shall seek full information about the need for use such as for example the nature of event, the character of activity, the number of persons attending, the regularity of event and expected benefit to the community.

– The Board  may use Emergency Procedure to grant or

refuse permission in relation to urgent requests caused by

unforeseen circumstances.


  The Trustees



Exeter Mosque also has the other policies available upon request including:

Equality policy

Whistle blowing policy

Staff code of conduct policy

Admissions policy

Behaviour policy

and some more

If you would like more information or to see any of the policies mentioned please contact the office.