Location: The Mosque is situated just off Sidwell Street. Which follows on from the High Street. If you turn at the corner with the 24 Hr shop and keep going, it will be on your right after the Primary School.

To get to the Mosque by bus, get a connection that goes to Sidwell Street. then walk down the side street into York Road at the traffic lights.

To get there from the train station, follow the signposts to the town centre and then continue to Sidwell St.

Masjid facilities include:


Prayer Room

Conference Room

Dining area

Sports hall

Ladies prayer Area

Wudu Facilities



The Islamic Centre provides with the following regular activities:

Prayers (Salah):

The Mosque is open for all five daily salawat, Jumuah (Friday) Prayer, Eid Prayers and Taraweeh, see the prayer times


There are regular classes for learning Quran and basics of the Deen. Please contact the Imam for futher details.

Weekly Halaqah: 

Is held after Dhuhr on Sunday.

Advice & Guidance:

Imam is available for offering advice and guidance with regards to  personal and family issues.


The Mosque also hosts visits from various groups and educational institutions. Limited Parking is available onsite. Click here to find out more,