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  • Eid Al Fitr 1445

    Published on 8th April 2024.

    The moon has not been sighted over in Saudi Arabia therefore Eid Al Fitr will be celebrated on Wednesday 10th April 2024.

    May Allah accept all your prayers, supplications and fasts in this great month of Ramadan. It has been a time for reflection for us as individuals, coming together as a community and remembering and supporting Muslims around the world.

    We pray that you have been able to maximise your good deeds in these last 30 days and can use these experiences to continue in the worship of Allah in the year ahead.

    The masjid community has been able to partake in Taraweeh prayers for brothers and sisters, regular Islamic lessons and Quran memorisation for children, daily iftar and weekly community iftar gatherings.

    These activities would not be possible without all of you. We appreciate the hard work and dedication of our management, staff and volunteers who have given up their free time to serve the community. This has included the work of Imams who led Taraweeh, our teachers, chefs and helpers who prepared iftar food and cleaners who kept the House of Allah tidy all month. May Allah reward you with Goodness for looking after His servants during the holy month.

    We wish you all a fantastic day with friends and families.

    Kullu Aam Wa Antum Bikhair

    Exeter Mosque

    Eid Salah timings on Wednesday, 10.04.2024:


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